Building Department

Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance were adopted by the Board of Aldermen at their November 16, 2020 meeting

Permits need to be received by the Building & Zoning office on or before Tuesday afternoons by NOON for review on Thursday morning for approval. Please call the Building & Zoning office if you have questions 802-774-7820. A site plan & a drawing of your project is required when submitting permits. Please contact us so we can email you a GIS map of your property.You can email permits to Permits are recorded in the Rutland City Clerk’s office.

Rutland City Property Owners…are you thinking of or getting ready to do some work on your property? Permits may be required. Please read all sections and documents and check for revised permit applications.

Permitting is generally quick and relatively inexpensive in Rutland City. We strive to ensure safe and orderly development. There are multiple ordinances that govern construction and property uses in the City of Rutland. Failure to comply leads to a series of enforcement steps and can affect your ability to sell your property in the future. We are here to help you avoid that! It is always best to call our office and check before fully designing your project. These are the types of work that typically require permits from our office.

Zoning Permits are reviewed for conformance with the Zoning Bylaws.  Some permits can be issued by the Zoning Administrator directly.  In certain circumstances, additional review of applications may be required by the City’s Development Review Board or Architectural Review Committee.  This determination will be made as we review your Zoning Permit application – or you can call us to discuss in advance

Please note: If you are planning to make or expand a driveway, a curb cut permit may be required. Please check with the Department of Public Works and the Zoning Administrator

The following are examples for when both building & zoning permit is needed:

  • Decks, Sheds, Garages, Porches, Additions, Pools, New houses & new commercial buildings

 The following are examples for when a building permit is needed (these do not need zoning permits):

  • Interior remodel/renovation (update kitchen, bathroom etc.), rebuilding of decks, stairs
  • Demolition (requires an asbestos survey)

See Title 9 below for Ordinances pertaining to Building & Housing Standards

A permit under which no work is commenced within 6 months after issuance shall expire by limitation and a new permit shall be secured before work is started.