The Engineering Division provides engineering and technical services for each division of this Department and for all other Departments within City government.  The Division reviews building permits in conjunction with the Building Inspector’s Office.  It compiles and updates records of the City owned utilities and street system and locates and marks out City owned utilities as requested for the benefit of contractors, property owners and others performing work that may impact those utilities.  Contractors are reminded that “Dig-Safe” does not mark out City utilities.  Please call the DPW before digging in the City.  This Division prepares plans, contracts, easement, deeds and other documents required for the completion of various City projects.  We also review technical designs and specifications for City projects let out to bid, and for streets and utilities built by developers that will be taken over by the City upon completion.  Documentation and submittals for various State permits are often prepared by the Engineering Division.

Other projects that this Division is involved with include Geographic Information System (GIS).


Phone: (802) 773-1813
Fax: (802) 775-3947


Peter T. Kelley, Engineer Technician

Theodore Gillen III, E.I.

Geographic Information System (GIS).

All maps are based on aerial photos dated 12/3/2001 with additional information based upon subsequent research.  The City makes no representations or guarantees of their accuracy or suitability for use.  Users do so at their own risk.  By accepting these products, user acknowledges and accepts this risk.

The Engineering Division can print maps for the following prices:
Paper Product Prices (Color or B&W)
A.  8.5″ x 11″ – $1.00
B.  11″ x 17″ – $2.00
C.  18″ x 24″ – $5.00
D.  24″ x 24″ – $6.00
E.  24″ x 36″ – $9.00
F.  42″ x 42″ – $21.00
Other 42″ wide at $0.50 per linear inch

Prints of Photos are at double the above rates.  Map production time is billed at $0.50 per minute.


Sanborn Insurance Maps are maps of municipalities throughout the United States that were produced primarily for the benefit of property insurance companies. These maps show buildings in the more developed areas of the communities with information that would be of interest to the insurers. Rutland was among the earliest municipalities to be mapped (in 1879).

The City Engineers Office has copies of the Rutland Maps for the years 1879, 1885, 1890, 1895, 1900, 1905, 1910, 1916 and 1925.

The Sanborn Maps created after 1925 are copyrighted and available from the Sanborn Company.

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