Forester and Arborist

The City Forester and Arborist is in charge of all forestry work including management of the City’s street trees and the 4,000 acres of the City Forest in the Watershed located in Mendon, Vermont.  In Main Street Park Arboretum, some unusual varieties include Ruby Red Horse Chestnut, Purple Leaf Plum, Weeping Cherry, and Crimson Cloud Hawthorn.


Timothy Smith, Forester and Arborist

Joseph Epler, Assistant Forester and Arborist

Tree Planting Program

During the spring and fall, we put together a list of property owners who request a tree to be planted in front of their homes in the city right of way.  Once the list is finalized, Tim prepares to plant the trees appropriate to that site and a stake is placed; and the water and sewer lines are marked. We endeavor to use a variety of trees so that any species doesn’t exceed 5% of the total tree population.

Tree City USA

The City of Rutland has received the honor of being named “Tree City USA” 31 years running.  To receive the award, a city or town must meet the following criteria:

1.  A Tree Commissioner or similar department with legal status which implements an annual work plan to care for an maintain the communities trees.

2.  A Tree Ordinance.

3.  A Community Forestry Program that includes budget monies for planting and maintenance.

4.  An Arbor Day Observance or proclamation.

Main Street Park Arboretum

Main Street Park is home to over forty different tree species and has stood as a witness to history for over 225 years. Today it hosts concerts, art shows, and other events. More information about the park’s trees and history can be found on the park’s self-guided walking tour, which was obtained from “The History of Rutland, Vermont 1761 – 1861” by Dawn Hance, The Rutland Historical Society, Inc. Rutland, Vermont, Academy Books.


Tree Ordinance
Sight Ordinance
Main Street Park Self-Guided Tour


April 2007 Clean Up

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