The Street Division is perhaps the most visible, most relied upon and most under appreciated unit in the Department.  While their main duty is the maintenance of the City’s streets and the Department’s vehicles, it has also become the City’s “Jack of all trades”.  They may patch pot holes in the morning and build a train station platform in the afternoon.  They set up barricades for special events such as the Halloween Parade, Ethnic Festival, and the Farmer’s Market.  Plow snow, set up voting booths, pick up a dead animal, build sidewalks and curbs, paint parking spaces and cross walks, repair a bridge deck, clean up downed trees after a storm.  Their duties are varied and endless.

The Equipment Maintenance Division is included in the Street Division. The Equipment Maintenance Division keeps our vehicles running smoothly.


Sight Ordinance
Streets Ordinance
Curb and Sidewalk Request Form


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