Water Distribution


The Water Distribution Division is responsible for the maintenance and repairs to the water mains in the City of Rutland. This division keeps the water flowing to the City and Rutland Town. They may replace an existing water main or repair one that is leaking. If a house is being torn down, they will disconnect the water. They repair, replace and install new curb boxes. Maintaining the fire hydrants is an important job and keeping them in working order for the Fire Department is a must.

Boil Water Notices:

Issued on August 11, 2019 in regards to Terrill Street Water Leak Repair.


Michael Nartowicz, Foreman
Nicholas McMahon
Martin Thibodeau
Chris Fusari
Greg Proctor


Frozen Water Lines Policy
Hydrant Flow Test Permit
Hydrant Flow Test Results Form
Revised Rutland City Water Regulations
Water Resources Ordinance

Water & Sewer Disconnect Policy


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