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The City of Rutland Slow Sand Water Filtration Facility is located in Rutland Town off Post Road. The facility makes the water source safe to drink for all. The plant was constructed in 1995. The water provided to the consumers continues to be of good quality that meets or surpasses all state and EPA standards and meets State and Federal standards for both safety and appearance. We test our water using sophisticated equipment and advance procedures. A surface water inlet located on the Mendon Brook in Mendon, Vermont serves the City of Rutland and Rutland Town. This inlet feeds a 80 million gallon reservoir. From the reservoir the water enters a slow sand filtration facility. At the facility, we filter the water then add the following chemicals: Chlorine for disinfection, Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (Flouride) for dental care, and Zinc Orthophosphate for corrosion control. The treated water then enters two 2.5 million gallon storage tank before entering the distribution system.

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Tours of the plant are available for interested parties.

Phone: (802) 773-0379

Email: rutwater@gmail.com


Thomas Barone-Garofano, Water Treatment Manager

Daniel Protivansky, Assistant Water Treatment Manager


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2021 Water Quality Report

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2013 Water Quality Report
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Water Resources Ordinance

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