Frequently Asked Questions

A street light is out, who do I call?
Green Mountain Power can be called at 1-800-649-2877. If a street light is not working in the downtown district, call the DPW office.

Does DPW pick up recyclables and other trash from the curbside?
No, we don’t pick up recyclables or other trash from the curbside. Please call Rutland County Solid Waste at (802) 775-7209 for answers to these questions.

Does the City test water?
The City does water tests for bacteria only.  Should you need testing for lead etc., contact the Vermont Health Department.  Our lab is located at the Wastewater Treatment Facility on Green Hills Lane.  The telephone number is (802) 773-1851.  The lab has discontinued testing water, however, water can still be tested through another company.  Give them a call for further instructions.

How do I get a tree planted in front of my house?
The City Forester and Arborist has a tree planting program for the spring and fall. Trees are planted in the city right of way. To request a tree, call the DPW office and it will be added to the planting list. The City Forester and Arborist tries to accommodate the property owner as far as placement of the tree, however, it depends on how much space is available and whether there are power lines.

I need to replace my water service line, what’s next?
Some reasons why you may need to replace your water service line are: galvanized pipe, low water pressure, or broken service line. A Water Relay permit is required before any excavation can begin. Our Technician will mark out the city utilities (water and sewer) and Dig Safe must be called for any other utility such as telephone or fiber optic. The cost of the permit is $500.00. The permit fee is $30.00 and the bond is $470.00. The bond is for any work the city may do and ensuring that the contractor fills any holes etc. that were done in the city right of way. The same applies to removing sidewalk or curb.

Water and Sewer Permit 2013

I want to pave my driveway, do I need to notify the City?
Yes. It’s a good idea to notify us that you want to pave your driveway especially if the contractor needs to dig a few feet. Our Technician will mark out any water and sewer lines and it’s always appropriate to call Dig Safe. A permit is not required for digging on your property.

I want to put up a fence, where is my property line?
Sometimes your deed will tell you where your property begins and sometimes surveyed pins will be visible. The City’s right of way does not necessarily start from the center of the road and the width of the right of way is different on different streets. Our technician can assist with the location of the front property line.

I would like a new curb or sidewalk, what’s next?
Policy Regarding Sidewalk Construction and Reconstruction

Sidewalk work to be done by the Department of Public Works (DPW) shall be prioritized in the following categories:

  • Replacing defective sidewalk that creates a hazard to pedestrians
  • Upgrading sidewalk to conform to accessibility standards
  • Sidewalk disturbed by street or utility construction
  • New sidewalk in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic

A partial list of sidewalks proposed to be constructed or reconstructed in the current fiscal year shall be established and maintained by the Commissioner of Public Works. The list shall be prioritized based upon the categories listed above. The work shall be done as resources allow. Monies used to accomplish this work shall be those monies appropriated in the approved DPW budget for the fiscal year along with any grant or other funds secured specifically for sidewalk work. Requests by property owners will be considered but individual property specific repairs or replacements will not be undertaken by DPW unless they are part of a larger priority project as described above.

Alternatively, a property owner may, at his/hers own expense, contract with a private contractor to perform the work provided that the performance of such work is not contrary to any City Ordinances or provisions of the City/Union Contract. A written request shall be submitted to the Commissioner who will either grant or deny the request in writing. If granted the work must be done by a contractor experienced in such work and to the standards as issued by the City Engineer. Before beginning the work the owner must secure a “Digging in the Street Permit” from DPW.

Effective April, 9, 2012
Revised July 8, 2016

Sidewalk & Curb Request Form

I would like to change my driveway, what’s next?
Make a sketch (nothing fancy) on your idea of changing the driveway entrance. Bring the sketch into the DPW office and our Technician will go to the property and mark out any utilities (water and sewer) and give any advice or directions on the feasibility of the project. Once the project is approved, a Digging in the Street Permit is required and the excavation may commence. The permit is on the Sewer and Water form.

Water and Sewer Permit 2013

I’m building a new house, what’s the procedure?
Building a new house or commercial property requires a visit to Building and Zoning before a visit to DPW. Those permits must be in place before we will issue the necessary permits for water and sewer. For a new building, a sewer allocation fee is paid when the permit is applied for.

Sewer Allocation Cost

I’m having work done on my building and want to block parking spaces.
A Barricading the Street permit is required to block parking spaces or the street. The cost is $5.00 and must be obtained before any work starts. An example would be putting a dumpster or doing roof repair or window work using a crane. A copy must go to the Police Department as well.

Barricade the Street Permit

Let’s talk about pot holes.
Vermont has many seasons and one of these is pot hole season. Pot holes that are in the street may be reported to the DPW office. The apron is up to the curb face; if there is no curb the apron is to the traveled portion of the road. The apron is the property owner’s responsibility.

My sewer is backing up, what do I do?
The first person to call is your plumber. Let them determine where the blockage might be. If the plumber suspects the blockage could be in the sewer main, call the DPW office. We will dispatch the Sewer Collection crew to flush the main. If an emergency situation arises after normal business hours call the Police Department ((802) 773-1816). They will dispatch our person “on call”. If a sewer relay is necessary, a permit must be obtained before any excavation can begin.

Water and Sewer Permit 2013

Where do I pick up sand for my sidewalk?
The Street Division has a mix of sand and salt available to city residents for sidewalks and driveways located at Spruce Street. A couple of buckets is permissible, however, no trucks, remember to leave some for the next person.

Where would I get information about where the water and sewer is in the street?
The location of water and sewer in the street can be obtained from our Engineering Division by calling the DPW office. This division has extensive files and electronic information using ArcView and GIS.

Who is responsible for the water meter?
The City of Rutland’s Meter Division is responsible for the water meter. Should a problem exist with the meter such as leaking or frozen, a call to the Meter Division will fix the issue. It is unlawful to tamper, break, remove, damage, destroy or any equipment attached or needed to obtain a reading. The property owner shall keep the meter safe and accessible at all times. When the Meter Reader cannot get a reading, a letter will be sent to the property owner explaining the problem and asked to call the Meter Division to schedule an appointment to either fix or replace the meter.

Who shuts the water off on the outside of the house?
Shutting the water off would be necessary to have repairs done when the inside shut off is not working. No one except an authorized city representative is to turn off or turn on the curb box. Either the Meter Division or the Water Division shuts the water off on the outside of the house at the curb box. A permit is required ($10.00) and an appointment is made. We require a 48 hour notice to locate the curb box and to determine that the curb box is working properly. Someone must meet us at the appointment to make sure the water is off. For emergency shut offs during normal business hours, call the DPW office. For emergency situations after business hours, call the Rutland Police Department and they will dispatch our person “on call”.

Water Off and On Permit

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