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If you need to schedule a meter replacement please call 802-773-1813.

Meter turn-ons for returning seasonal customers and home buyers often require service techs to enter the building. If you need a service call that requires entry, to protect building residents and our employees, we ask that you arrange for the service before returning to or occupying the building. We ask that the building owner arrange for a third party to provide access, and that the third party complete this questionnaire to evaluate COVID-19 risk. City employees are also screened for the same risk factors before responding to service appointments.

Your next water/sewer bill will look different The water/sewer utility bill you will receive around July first is different from recent bills. The new format is less confusing with meter readings and dates shown together, and charges and payments easier to follow. There are no changes to pay-by-phone, online, or mail-in payment options. Payments should still be made directly to the City of Rutland using one of these options. In addition, since City Hall remains closed, there is a new drop box next to the rear (parking lot) entrance to City Hall if you want to deliver your payment directly.  For more information about your water use, billing history, and other useful information, please log in to our online portal at https://rutlandvt.watersmart.com. First time users will need their water/sewer account number (shown on your bill) and zip code to register.



The City has been working on a complete water meter conversion to Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The project allows us to upgrade our water/sewer metering and billing to a state-of-the-art system.

The meter conversion project is nearly completed. If you have not yet requested a replacement please do so at once by calling 802-7736-1813.

The following are common questions and answers.

  • Where should I send my payments?

o   Bring them in to the Treasurer’s Office or mail them to P.O. Box 969, Rutland., VT 05702. Payments can also be made by credit card or debit card online by logging in at https://rutlandvt.watersmart.com. You can also pay by phone at (833) 252-1655.

  •  I have been told that I need to make an appointment to change my meter.  Do I still need to do that?

o   Yes. Appointments are made through the Department of Public Works. Call 773-1813 between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM M-F to arrange a replacement at a time convenient for you.

  • Where do I call if I have a question?

o   Call the Department of Public Works (802-773-1813) for questions about meters, water or sewer use, change of address, property sales, water shut offs and ons, etc. Call the Treasurer’s Office (802-773-1800) for questions about payments, late fees, and delinquent notices.

  • Can I view my account online?

o   Yes, if you have previously logged in there is no change. If you have not logged in please do so at https://rutlandvt.watersmart.com.


  • I am enrolled in autopay. Should I de-enroll?


o   No. Autopay will continue to work if you are enrolled at this time.


  • Why is the City doing this?


o   We are upgrading our meter technology to provide better service to customers, such as through the online portal and notices of suspected leaks at customer’s properties. Also, the City treats and delivers about 900,000 gallons of water every day that is not accounted for. The AMI program is needed to reduce this non-revenue water to operate more efficiently.


For information on the penalties and delinquent accounts, please call the Treasurer’s Office at (802) 773-1800 or refer to their portion of this site.  Treasurer’s Office Link


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