Final Bills


Please send all requests to Kelsie Boudreau at

We bill water and sewer bills for the following communities:  City of Rutland, Town of Rutland, Town of Mendon, Town of Killington, and Town of North Clarendon (Airport Industrial Park).

Final bills are suggested when a property owner is selling and a water meter reading is needed.  This ensures that the new owners are paying for their bill and not the previous owners.  To request a water meter reading, print the Closing Reading Request Sheet and email to  Please notify us a least four (4) days before the scheduled closing.  The reading is done one (1) day before the scheduled closing.  A $35.00 closing fee is added to all bills.

A final bill can be requested by the property owner, attorney or real estate agent.  Once a closing request sheet is received, we check our records to find out what kind of meter the property has; if it’s an older meter and needs to be replaced, an appointment is made with the Water Meter Division and someone must meet us at the property.  Once the reading is obtained, the bill is generated and someone can call the DPW office to get the results.  The Treasurer’s Office should be contacted to verify the final bill.

Some properties in the City of Rutland do not have a water meter and are billed on the number of people who live in the house or the “Schedule Rate”.  A water and sewer bill is  computed using the number of days the current owners have lived there.

After the closing and the Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return is received, the new owner’s name and address is changed in the computer.  The first water and sewer bill will be sent at the next quarter.

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