Water Meter Information

To locate your water meter, find where the water line comes into the property.  The water meter will be attached to that pipe.  Presently, the majority of the meters in service are  Neptune E coder (with ITRON external radio transmitter).  A shut off valve should be below the meter (on the City side) of the water line entering the house. There should be NO WATER PIPES FOR USE ON THE PROPERTY CONNECTED BELOW THE METER. Water used on the premises that is not registered through the meter is theft. Anyone caught bypassing meters or removing them and straight-piping a connection to the interior plumbing will be subject to heavy fines and water service termination.

These meters communicate a few times a day with a network of receivers. These low-power radio transmissions total less than 3 seconds a day and are highly secure. Cellular telephone technology is not used for these communications in the City.

Click HERE for information about the ITRON ERT and radio frequency interference.

For many water saving tips and videos be sure to visit the WaterSmart Portal and log in to view your water usage and billing.

E coder Meter with Built in Antenna

This E coder meter has an LCD display and a solar panel and is activated by using a flash light.  The meter has a solar panel above the LCD display.  The LCD display will show a software number when activated by a flash light then displays the reading in cubic feet.  On the top left above the numbers you will see a faucet.  The faucet is used to determine if there is a leak.  (Go to https://rutlandvt.watersmart.com for information on leaks).  The LCD display also shows rate of flow in Gallons per Minute (GPM). Readings are transmitted twice a day to the network. These readings include “interval readings” which are the hour by hour use of water since the last transmission. These interval readings are shared with the online WaterSmart Portal once a day, allowing customers and the utility to review water use in near-real-time. When the pattern of water use varies from normal, for example water use throughout the night, the software will send an alert to the customer through email or text that there is a suspected leak. The utility will also receive the alert so we can reach out to customers who have not signed up for these alerts on the portal.



E Coder Leak Sheet Information

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