Woodstove Operation

As winter approaches many residents of our community will utilize wood burning stoves, as a supplement to their heating requirements. This source of heat can be economical and efficient, when used in a safe and prudent manner.

There are certain procedures that should be followed, to ensure that you are using your woodstove in the safest possible manner.

    1. Woodstoves should always be installed by a professional.


    1. Make sure of proper clearances from combustibles, such as walls, floors, ceilings,furniture, etc.


    1. Have your chimney inspected regularly by a professional, for cleanliness and structural integrity.


    1. Burn only dry, well seasoned wood. Burning green wood can result in the production of creosote. Also avoid burning pine or other wood which develops pitch or other tar-like substances.


    1. Use a metal container to dispose of ashes, and remove the container to an area outside of, and away from any structure or other combustibles.


    1. Do not extend stovepipe through walls or ceilings if at all possible.


  1. DO NOT use flammable fuels to ignite wood. Use kindling.

Make sure that your home is equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, in the appropriate areas. Portable fire extinguishers are also helpful, when used in the correct manner.

Visit your Rutland City Fire Dept. at 104 Center St., for free brochures on this and many other fire safety topics. Rutland City Firefighter’s will also be glad to answer any questions that you might have regarding fire safety.

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