Outreach Division

The Rutland City Police Outreach Division focuses on the conditions that can cause long-term issues for public safety. The Rutland City Police Department recognizes that the challenges facing our community are not going to be resolved simply by making more arrests and holding tough on criminal activity alone. Real change for Rutland requires addressing the numerous interwoven and underlying conditions of criminal activity and broader public health issues, and that is the mission of our Outreach Division. Currently, the Outreach Division is staffed by a police commander (who also serves as the Executive Director of Project Vision), a police sergeant, three Community Resource Specialists, an Animal Control Officer, a Downtown Beat Officer, and a School Resource Officer.


Name Title Email
Matthew Prouty Outreach Commander matthew.prouty@vermont.gov
Jason Williams Outreach Sergeant jason.williams@vermont.gov
Ernest LaGuardia School Resource Officer ernest.laguardia@vermont.gov
Emilio Rosario Downtown Beat Officer emilio.rosario@vermont.gov
Noah Sweeney Animal Control Officer noah.sweeney@vermont.gov
Julie Fitzgibbons Community Resource Specialist julie.fitzgibbons@vermont.gov
Taylor Cohen Community Resource Specialist taylor.cohen@vermont.gov
Sequoia Dixon-Woodard Community Resource Specialist sequoia.dixon-woodard@vermont.gov


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