Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer provides the citizens of Rutland City with courteous, professional and effective animal control, and to ensure the rights of animal owners and non-owners are protected and served.  

Animal Control handles calls that include noise disturbances (by an animal) animals at large, vicious dog incidents, animal bite reports, cruelty, and neglect situations, injured animals and other related calls for assistance.

All calls for animal control service must be made to the police non-emergency numbers (802) 773-1816 or (802) 773-1820.  


Rutland City Dog License Fees (new fees approved by the Board of Aldermen on January 4, 2016):


Spayed or Neutered Dogs $15.00

UN-spayed/neutered Dogs $20.00



All dogs $35.00


If you have an animal related problem or issue contact Tim Jones (Rutland City Animal Control Officer) 773-1820.


Please bring rabies certificate and neutered certificate with you to the City Clerk’s Office.

Please remember to License, Leash and Love your pet.

Thank you.

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