Bureau of Criminal Investigation


B.C.I. is responsible for handling the most serious crimes, such as armed robbery, rape, homicide and other untimely death cases. These types of cases are usually considered long term investigations. B.C.I. is further responsible for many other types of crimes, such as crimes against children, fraud and forgeries. B.C.I. is also responsible for drug and gang related cases.

Our primary function is to support our Patrol Division. B.C.I. will assign a Detective to follow up on information presented to him/her from Patrol and complete the case.

B.C.I. handles major crime scene management, which entails gathering, processing, and the storage of evidence until the case goes to trial.

B.C.I. detectives work in close cooperation with many other local, state and federal agencies, to include the State’s Attorneys who prosecute our case’s.


To speak to a detective, please call: (802) 773-1816.


If you have information about a crime that has taken place and want to remain anonymous, please submit a tip by clicking on the link below: RCPDTips – Anonymous Web Tips.

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