Rutland Redevelopment Authority

Formed by Charter in 1989 the Rutland Redevelopment Authority (RRA) has historically served as Rutland City’s economic development entity.  Under the Charter the RRA was established to reduce the property tax burden on residential homeowners, redevelop dilapidated and blighted structures, revitalize the commercial and industrial sectors of the economy, and promote economic opportunity for all citizens.</p >

The RRA has recently emerged from a period of planning and re-organization and has been directed to specifically focus on the following five areas.

  1. Grant Administration: The RRA will serve as the primary grant administrative agent for the City.
  2. Blighted Property:  The RRA will focus significant effort and resources to redevelop vacant and dilapidated structures.
  3. Grand List and Job Development:  The RRA will work to increase or improve the quality of the grand list and increase jobs.
  4. Downtown Designation:  The RRA will ensure that the City maintains its State granted designation.
  5. Planning:  The RRA will perform planning duties in coordination with other City entities and represent the City and its interests in related planning initiatives.

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