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Documents recorded on January 1, 2004 and forward can be searched via the link below. Sign in as a guest or create an account. Please be aware only indexes can be searched; the actual documents can not be viewed unless you become a subscriber. Listings are updated daily (click on the “Good Through Dates” tab when you log in). You can search by names & addresses.

Online Portal

Notice: The Rutland City Clerks Office encourages use of this site. We hope you find it helpful and convenient, however, please be aware that the information presented may not include all recent changes. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Vermont does not have county seats for recording. Each town has it’s own municipality and land record documents must be sent to the town or city in which the land is involved. If you are unsure where a property is located, you may call our office at 802-773-1800 x 5. For a list of all Vermont Town Clerks, please see


If you need a copy of a recorded document that pertains to and recorded in the City of Rutland (Mortgage, Lien, Discharge, Deed etc.) the cost is $1.00/PAGE per copy (certified copies are $15.00/page), $15/PTTR, $25.00/MAP, $4 per hour of research. You MUST provide the book & page of the recorded document including the name(s) and property address of the recorded document. Our office DOES NOT lookup recording information or provide research over the phone. REMEMBER, documents are for Rutland City Vermont only. We will fax the document to you, however, certified copies need to be mailed.

Xpress-pay (not the City of Rutland) charges 2.93% of the transaction total plus $.70 per transaction for credit & debit card transactions. For example, $1.00 x 2.93% = $1.03 + .70 = $1.73 (this is what your credit card will be charged).

Title Research

The Rutland City Clerk’s office is not equipped or staffed to do title research and we do not look up recording information over the phone. Because we are unable to do extensive research we have complied a list of persons who have indicated their willingness to do title work for a fee. They are not affiliated with this office and we do not know their charges, nor do we accept any responsibility for their work and or reports. If you wish to engage the services of one or more of them please call our office for names and contact information.

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You will need to fill out the form and click the “Continue & Pay” button at the bottom of this screen to pay and complete your transaction. Upon click the button your request will be submitted and you will be forwarded to Xpress-pay to submit payment.