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State road reconstruction plans

Road Reconfiguration Factsheet & Color Plans ____________________________________________________________

City Streetlight Survey

Fonsi Home CDBG Forest Street


City of Rutland HAA5 Public

For more information relating to the notice that you got with your water bill relating to disinfection byproducts, please click the following link:

Disinfection Byproducts

FY25 Voter Approved Budget

FY25 Budget - Summary

FY25 Budget - Detail


The Rutland City Water Department is working with MSK Engineers to observe service lines throughout the City and prepare a service line inventory.  Please be on the lookout for a letter from MSK Engineers.  MSK can help you schedule an observation for your water pipe or photograph the pipe yourself.  You can submit a photograph of your water pipe at any time.  Follow the link below to visit the online form: Water Line Self-Inspection Form.  This work is being conducted to meet new federal drinking water regulations (USEPA's Lead and Copper Rule Revisions).

Submission Link:

Rutland City's Rental Rehab Revolving Loan Fund

This Week the City of Rutland release it's Rental Rehab Revolving Loan Fund - This fund is focused on the revitalization of market rate housing in our community. With a target goal of 1000 new housing units over the next 5 years, this fund will help inspire growth and revitalization of housing in Rutland City

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